Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Just Getting Started

I kept wanting to run to you and blurt out all the craziness that is going on in our lives, but my lips were sealed, fingers hovering above the keyboard, stuck in midair.  I needed some time to process everything myself first.  Now, that I've had a few weeks of insanity to solidify everything in my brain and heart, I might be able to belt it out to you in a somewhat coherent fashion.  Feel free to be impressed by my new found patience.

So my sweet girl, Arella, turned 2 in May.  The highlight of her day was frosting, and a 29¢ kazoo.  Although she did pretty much soak up every ounce of birthday fun a girl possibly can.  She truly loved her special day and sang "Happy to you" over and over in her microphone for about a week.

 The birthday ensemble.

The cake.
 The yummy pink frosting.
The beloved kazoo, oh and hand clappers, of course.

We also had to meet with our social worker again for Zoe's 6 month post report.  Can you believe spicy peanut has been in our family for just 6 months?!  Someone in our House Church said it perfect last week, "I feel like she's always been here."  Here's a quick look at her beautiful blossoming.

 This was one of our first pictures of Zoe.  She was 7 months old.
 This is the first day we met her, 12 months old.
This is now, 19 months.

And this is her super "cheese" face.

After looking at these adorable little girls we get to raise, are you really surprised we want more?  I mentioned briefly in the last post that we're adopting again, this time from Ethiopia.  Arella LOVES to say "Ethiopia", which is really more like "E-O bla bla" followed by insane giggles.  Zoe can almost point to Africa on the map.  Don't worry, she knows where China and Texas are.

As we met with our social worker for Zoe, we started talking about our Ethiopia process since she will be doing our home study for that as well.  After much discussion, we decided to do the home study later this summer.  Oh, you want to know why?

Because we're moving.  Oh, and we're PREGNANT!  Don't you love all of my surprises?!  Here's our baby #3, and little Ethi (as we're calling our Ethiopia baby) will now be #4.

We're just 8 weeks along, so it's still early, but I wanted to share because you all have been so encouraging and supportive!  This next year things are going to get crazy...  but I guess that's pretty much just the way we roll now.  We're moving at the beginning of August but just down the road to a house more accommodating for a family of 6.

Stay tuned, obviously this roller coaster is just getting started...


  1. How VERY VERY exciting!!! OH YAY and PRAISE THE LORD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!!! SO happy for all of you!!!!! Arella and Zoe are going to make such wonderful big sisters!! :) :) :)

  2. So, so excited for you and your family. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness through all of this.

  3. Oh my goodness Laura this is so awesome!!! Congratulations. I met you at the very beginning of this journey and its just so amazing to see where you and your family are now. Truly blessed! I love it!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!! What a blessing - full hearts and full arms!! Arella and Zoe will be great big sisters - 2 little "Mamas" to help with diapers and kisses. I love seeing your journey unfold.

  5. Congratulations to you and Eriek... your story is amazing and your babies are beautiful!!! They, along with the new additions coming soon are very blessed to have you both as parents!!! ♥

  6. You are blessed beyond measure. Thank you for reminding me of the feeling that ran through us as we added one then two boys to our home. Those boys are now handsome men growing into more than I ever imagined. God is good.

  7. I KNEW IT!!!!!!!! Well, I didn't know know, but I suspected. Wooooooohooooooooooo!!! My friend Meg found out she was pregnant just days before they left for Ethiopia to pick up their daughter, so you have a head start. :)

    Love you all!!

  8. Yay! So much baby happiness going on the Hulseman house! :)

  9. SO excited for ya'll!! I love reading your blog and celebrating all the ways Zoe has grown and changed since she came home. So very excited about the new little one and the child God has for you in Ethiopia. Covering your sweet family with lots of prayers!
    Terri Wilkinson

  10. So many blessings!!!! Congratulations on baby 3 and child 4. And the new house. At least it is just down the road and not to another state or another country.