The Ignorant Parent

Not long after Eriek and I got married in September 2002, we joined a small group at our church where we met Elizabeth and her husband, Travis.  Amy and her husband, Jason, moved to Texas in 2003 and joined our group that August.  In 2005, Danielle and her husband, Josh, moved down here from Colorado and joined the group in 2006.

A few years later, Eriek and I decided to attend another church so he could teach, which is his passion. But our little band of friends kept our small group going, even after others changed churches as well. People thought it was weird that we kept meeting for our Bible study even though we all went to different churches. We seem to so quickly forget that "the church" is not a building.  The church is the body, the bride of Christ. It's the people.

July 2014 (l-r): Laura, Elizabeth, Danielle and Amy

Life got crazy for everyone as kids were born, people moved around and all of us seemed to have so many activities going on. After much deliberation and some fear that we would fade out of each others' lives, we decided to stop the weekly Bible study but vowed to stay close and in touch. We went through seasons where we all talked a lot and seasons where we drifted apart. At some point last year, we started a group text. Best. Idea. Ever.

This group text is ongoing. We pray for each other. We let each other know what's going on. We ask questions about scripture. We send cool insights we had in our quiet time that day. We complain. We encourage. We feel more connected than ever even if we don't get to see each other often.

Amy just had her first baby in March, so of course that has brought up some lively banter between us moms! Amy made a statement that she is pretty ignorant about baby stuff, and I told her that every parent is ignorant in the beginning. So she jokingly said we should start a blog called The Ignorant Parent.

Her off-the-cuff text got me thinking. Since all four of us have different experiences and perspectives, we all agreed and thought it would be fun to write from each of our view points on various topics. We're hoping to make this a fun series to encourage you when you need to be lifted up, to show you hope in every situation, to let you know that you are never alone and to glorify God with the stories that He has written for our lives.

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Here's a fun post I wrote about these sweet sisters last year.

Meet the girls.


Elizabeth is a wife and a mother of her 6 year old son, Tyler. She and Travis have been married for 13 years. Travis works as an Engineering Manager, and Elizabeth has worked as a video editor and director. They have been best friends since high school with a brief break for some much needed growing up to take place during college. They remain beautifully committed to their covenant to each other and God while navigating through life's curve balls. They know it's God's plan to make them stronger. Because of her example and love, Tyler is growing up to be an active, intelligent and compassionate young man.

Somehow in the busyness of being a wife and mother, she also trains for Ironman triathlons and helps others train for their goals, whether it be a race or just to be healthy. Travis and Elizabeth are tackling the complexity of life, work, kids and training for the Boulder, Colorado Ironman. They are definitely "Boulder" together!

She loves Jesus with all her heart, and it is her deepest desire and passion to see people redeemed and changed by His Word. Any opportunity she gets to connect her pursuit of athletic accolades with the revealing and teaching of His Word and love, she takes. And it glorifies Him.


Dani is a wife and mother of two boys. She's been married to her love, Josh, for 8 years. Her sons, Keller and TJ, are 4 and 2. She loves being surrounded by boys as she enjoys watching football, playing at the park, throwing rocks in the duck pond, and exploring the great outdoors just as much as they do. 

Her husband is the Local Ministries Pastor at a church that gives away 40% of their incoming funding. He helps facilitate partnerships with over 30 organizations that are loving and serving the least of these, and she loves being able to support him in that role. She is an Internal Controls and Compliance Accountant for a natural gas E&P company. Her company is the most family-focused and generous company she's ever come across, full of the right people doing the right things.

The love of her life is Jesus, and following Him is her highest passion. She doesn't always know exactly what that looks like, but she's always ready to say yes and is learning to let Him guide her to the good works God prepared beforehand for her to walk in.

Check out Danielle's blog In... For Love.


Amy is married to her best friend and confidant, Jason. They have been tackling life together since 2000 and will be celebrating their 11th wedding anniversary in May 2014. Because they built their foundation on Christ, they developed a solid ground that has overcome some of life's rockiest moments. From losing a parent too soon to multiple moves and job canges, Amy and Jason have found their treasure not in circumstance but in the love of Christ and His people.

They both graduated from the University of Alabama in 2003 and promptly moved to Texas. Though far different from Amy's north Alabama small town roots and Jason's deep south Savannah, Georgia heritage, they have found their home in The Woodlands, Texas to be even more exciting and fulfilling than they could have imagined. Because of the love and everylasting friendship of their original small group, Amy and Jason have found their Texas family in Laura and Eriek, Danielle and Josh, and Elizabeth and Travis.

Amy is a Diabetes Care Specialist, and Jason is a software engineer for a small firm. After 10 years of marriage, they decided to take a leap of faith and ask the Lord's guidance in becoming godly parents. On March 11, 2014, Adelyn Belle was born. Although she arrived 8 weeks too soon, Addie Belle is a healthy and happy tiny bundle of joy.

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