Wednesday, March 16, 2011

St. Baldrick's

Eriek and I went to a local Irish pub, the Goose's Acre, on Sunday to celebrate St. Baldrick's.  Never heard of it?  It's way more fun than just wearing green on St. Patrick's Day.  It all started on March 17, 2000, when some people turned their St. Patrick's Day party into a head-shaving event to benefit kids with cancer. Their 20 "shavee" recruits planned to raise "$17,000 on the 17th." Instead, they raised over $104,000!  Now 11 years later they have raised over $57 million for St. Baldrick's Foundation (the charity they started after that initial head-shaving event) which is committed to funding the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers and give survivors long and healthy lives.

So, pretty cool concept.  I've donated my hair before (cutting off 10-12") to make wigs for kids with cancer, but I'm not sure if I have the guts to shave my whole head.  But there are many who are- men, women and kids.  But you don't have to shave your head to help the cause, just be part of the events as it's now world-wide!    
St. Baldrick's Foundation

Here are some fun pics from the event:

John lead off the day by shaving his greenish-teal hair... not sure why they left the beard...
Then we had some brave little men...

And I was most impressed with these women...
A lot of fun was had, a lot of hair was donated, and even more hair floated away in the breeze and into the Waterway.  Hopefully one of these days we'll be able to knock out cancer just as easily!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sweet Little Face

So we're at 29 weeks, not too long now before we meet little Arella face-to-face.  We had our 4D ultrasound today which was AMAZING!  She made lots of fun faces for us and checked out right on track for her due date- May 24th.  Enjoy the pics!

When we first said hello to her this morning, she was in a little ball (that's my flexible girl!).  That's her right foot in the center, her big toe next to the profile of her nose which is right above her finger and thumb.

She stretched out her legs, but kept that left hand right by her face the whole time.  There's a hint of a smile in this picture.

She worked that hand all around her face trying hard to suck those little fingers for a brief second.

This is by far my favorite picture because she has the sweetest smile on her face exposing an adorable little dimple on her left cheek, just like her daddy's!

She was playful, sticking her tongue out at us a few times.

She sure likes to smile, and here's a great big one.  I can just tell it's the kind that comes with a big belly laugh!

I can't wait to hold her in my arms and kiss that incredibly adorable little face!  Thank you Lord for this precious little miracle I can call my daughter!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Things About Diving

So the story goes, I retired from diving following the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.  But after a hard couple of years and just missing it very much, I got back in the water in 2010 and competed 3 meter springboard (I'm usually the 10 meter platform girl) at the summer nationals.  But shortly after that I found out I was pregnant (woohoo!) and had to hang up the suit.  I've still been around the pool deck everyday helping coach the Woodlands Diving Academy team.

Although I'm very much loving being pregnant and looking forward to motherhood, I can't help but long to be in the water with the divers I'm coaching.  Wondering where this longing was still coming from, I thought I'd make of list of the things I miss about diving and the things I don't miss about diving.  Enjoy!

Things I Miss About Diving
1. Flying through the air at 30+ mph
2. Feeling like a superhero, leaping tall buildings in a
single bound
3. Being scared to death of something, but having the opportunity to overcome that fear
4. The awesome crazy teammates I've had, and the amazing people I've met along the way
5. The feeling of doing something to the very best of my ability
6.A reason to bring 2 families all together in one place (and get them to wear the same T-shirt!)
7. Being exhausted & sore at the end of the day, and knowing that means I've accomplished something
8. Overcoming an injury & "impossible odds"
9. Learning how to share the excitement of diving with someone else
10. It's just home to my heart, it's where I belong

Things I DON'T Miss About Diving
1. Nothing

All the things I thought I didn't like about diving (like putting on a suit first thing in the morning, or being tired and sore, or the frustration of injuries or fear) are also the things that I loved about it that drove me to work hard and push through difficult times.  I love the sport with a passion that sometimes I don't understand myself, and I'm pretty sure I always will. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thinking Pink

I've never been particularly fond of pink.  As a matter of fact, I only really started embracing pink as part of my own wardrobe around 30 years of age and that little bit of pink often came in camo patterns or with skulls and cross bones.  That's my kind of girlie.

When we first found out we were pregnant I had no idea if we were having a boy or a girl.  Apparently we were meeting all the old wives tales dead on for a boy.  So much so, that my husband's sisters had me convinced we were having a boy.  When we went into the "big reveal" ultrasound, I was just expecting to get confirmation of a boy, but instead we got a huge surprise discovering we are having a girl!  I would have been happy either way, but it was so fun to be surprised!  And knowing that we have our precious little China baby, Zoe, heading our way in a few years, too, we know there will be lots of estrogen in the house.  Sorry Hubby, you will be outnumbered like your childhood... (he has 3 gorgeous and awesome sisters).

As I was brainstorming what to do in the baby room, I wanted some pink because that's so sweet for babies and little girls, but I definitely just wanted splashes of it.  So the room is green with lots of whimsical creatures being painted on the walls right now.  So far so good, just a little pink.  But something must have snapped in my pregnant brain when I started registering for baby stuff. 

I took Hubby to the store the other day to show him what we registered for and to see if there was anything he wanted to put on the registry list.  After going through about half of it, he says, can I register for something that's not pink?  All I could think was that this is what I was doing to our daughter:
That's like my worst nightmare come true!  I can't handle that kind of pink or that much of it!  But there are some super sweet pink baby things, though, that put images like this in your head, so you just have to put it on the registry:
And you can't help but say "Ah..." or "Oh that's so sweet!"  But after Hubby's comment, I can't help but shake the feeling that this will happen:

I love princesses and playing princess for little girls, but I don't want it taking over our lives.  This is the kind of girlie pink I'm envisioning for Arella & Zoe:
Pink Heroine, not Damsel in Distress.