Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sweet Little Face

So we're at 29 weeks, not too long now before we meet little Arella face-to-face.  We had our 4D ultrasound today which was AMAZING!  She made lots of fun faces for us and checked out right on track for her due date- May 24th.  Enjoy the pics!

When we first said hello to her this morning, she was in a little ball (that's my flexible girl!).  That's her right foot in the center, her big toe next to the profile of her nose which is right above her finger and thumb.

She stretched out her legs, but kept that left hand right by her face the whole time.  There's a hint of a smile in this picture.

She worked that hand all around her face trying hard to suck those little fingers for a brief second.

This is by far my favorite picture because she has the sweetest smile on her face exposing an adorable little dimple on her left cheek, just like her daddy's!

She was playful, sticking her tongue out at us a few times.

She sure likes to smile, and here's a great big one.  I can just tell it's the kind that comes with a big belly laugh!

I can't wait to hold her in my arms and kiss that incredibly adorable little face!  Thank you Lord for this precious little miracle I can call my daughter!


  1. Laura-
    Those pictures of your sweet Arella are beautiful, amazing, and so adorable. I am so happy for you. Congratulations and enjoy every moment! They grow up SO fast!!

    Tamera Young

  2. Thank you so much Tamera! I am just in awe right now of her :)

  3. Absolutely amazing! You are so blessed. She is going to fill your lives with happiness and joy.

  4. Beautiful----it is quite amazing to see all that going on inside your belly. What a wonderful blessing.

    Much Love,