Thursday, March 3, 2011

Things About Diving

So the story goes, I retired from diving following the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.  But after a hard couple of years and just missing it very much, I got back in the water in 2010 and competed 3 meter springboard (I'm usually the 10 meter platform girl) at the summer nationals.  But shortly after that I found out I was pregnant (woohoo!) and had to hang up the suit.  I've still been around the pool deck everyday helping coach the Woodlands Diving Academy team.

Although I'm very much loving being pregnant and looking forward to motherhood, I can't help but long to be in the water with the divers I'm coaching.  Wondering where this longing was still coming from, I thought I'd make of list of the things I miss about diving and the things I don't miss about diving.  Enjoy!

Things I Miss About Diving
1. Flying through the air at 30+ mph
2. Feeling like a superhero, leaping tall buildings in a
single bound
3. Being scared to death of something, but having the opportunity to overcome that fear
4. The awesome crazy teammates I've had, and the amazing people I've met along the way
5. The feeling of doing something to the very best of my ability
6.A reason to bring 2 families all together in one place (and get them to wear the same T-shirt!)
7. Being exhausted & sore at the end of the day, and knowing that means I've accomplished something
8. Overcoming an injury & "impossible odds"
9. Learning how to share the excitement of diving with someone else
10. It's just home to my heart, it's where I belong

Things I DON'T Miss About Diving
1. Nothing

All the things I thought I didn't like about diving (like putting on a suit first thing in the morning, or being tired and sore, or the frustration of injuries or fear) are also the things that I loved about it that drove me to work hard and push through difficult times.  I love the sport with a passion that sometimes I don't understand myself, and I'm pretty sure I always will. 


  1. LOVE this Laura! I totally understand your passion. This sport transformed me as a child and taught me so many valuable lessons. I still get in and dive all the time. It's still fun! And I am so fortunate to still be involved in our amazing sport. Best of luck with your final trimester!!!

    Scott Donie

  2. Wow.
    This reminded me of "Chariots of Fire." The lead character is a man of God, called to the mission field but has a passion to run. Many times he's confronted that his needs to be in ministry, but his response was similar to yours:

    "I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure."

    I think you'd say the same about diving...and thus, you long to dive.

  3. Thanks Scott. I'm glad to hear you still get in and play on the boards! We'll have to do syncro some time :)

    Paul- great movie! And yes, I think I've always felt that way when I'm diving- it's an act of worship because God gave me the ability to do it...

  4. Fun. Agree with the first section. My second section might have been a bit longer haha.

  5. This brought tears to my eyes, Laura. God has blessed you and allowed you to shine in this amazing sport and you are ministering to thousands with your talents and message. Dive til you can't anymore.

  6. Hey Laura!
    I just wanted to say that you are my favorite diver and that i really enjoyed reading this blog.. all the things that you said were true! i love this sport for the ups and downs that happen, with out those diving just wouldn't be as fun!

  7. I thought of one more--traveling to all kinds of fun places all over the world!!

  8. As a solitary tear rolls down my face...I want to say how lucky I am to know such an awesome person! Congrats on possessing the ability to make me get nostalgic...LOL You're such an amazing woman Laura...good luck w/baby Arella <3

  9. You are amazing Laura!
    Please tell... what is your advice for overcoming fears?

  10. I have 3 novice divers. They recite yours and my favorite verse on the springboard. Phillipians 4: 13. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." You are our favorite diver.

  11. I love that your divers recite Phil 4:13!!

  12. Proud to call my self a diving Champion when my sport has representatives like you,you are the honor,the pride and the best representation!!!
    So.blessed that I.have the same feelings as your about.a magic sport and so.happy that God brought us in.the same always prayers you and all.the divers that are so in love with this magic.God bless you Friend