Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thinking Pink

I've never been particularly fond of pink.  As a matter of fact, I only really started embracing pink as part of my own wardrobe around 30 years of age and that little bit of pink often came in camo patterns or with skulls and cross bones.  That's my kind of girlie.

When we first found out we were pregnant I had no idea if we were having a boy or a girl.  Apparently we were meeting all the old wives tales dead on for a boy.  So much so, that my husband's sisters had me convinced we were having a boy.  When we went into the "big reveal" ultrasound, I was just expecting to get confirmation of a boy, but instead we got a huge surprise discovering we are having a girl!  I would have been happy either way, but it was so fun to be surprised!  And knowing that we have our precious little China baby, Zoe, heading our way in a few years, too, we know there will be lots of estrogen in the house.  Sorry Hubby, you will be outnumbered like your childhood... (he has 3 gorgeous and awesome sisters).

As I was brainstorming what to do in the baby room, I wanted some pink because that's so sweet for babies and little girls, but I definitely just wanted splashes of it.  So the room is green with lots of whimsical creatures being painted on the walls right now.  So far so good, just a little pink.  But something must have snapped in my pregnant brain when I started registering for baby stuff. 

I took Hubby to the store the other day to show him what we registered for and to see if there was anything he wanted to put on the registry list.  After going through about half of it, he says, can I register for something that's not pink?  All I could think was that this is what I was doing to our daughter:
That's like my worst nightmare come true!  I can't handle that kind of pink or that much of it!  But there are some super sweet pink baby things, though, that put images like this in your head, so you just have to put it on the registry:
And you can't help but say "Ah..." or "Oh that's so sweet!"  But after Hubby's comment, I can't help but shake the feeling that this will happen:

I love princesses and playing princess for little girls, but I don't want it taking over our lives.  This is the kind of girlie pink I'm envisioning for Arella & Zoe:
Pink Heroine, not Damsel in Distress.


  1. I had posted something and I guess it didn't get on the page. Basically what I said was that I felt the same way about blue...I am such a girly that I didn't want to feel tomboy-ish with the blue and eventually feel left out because I was about to be outnumbered. Sometimes I try to match with Ethan so I feel part of the group, now Ethan is such mama's boy that I think Chris sometimes feels left out! OOPS! I hope God will one day bless us with a little girl so he can get some lovin'! LOL! I hope to meet Arella soon...miss you guys!

  2. Love it. And especially because you know how much I love the color pink. I believe that your family will succeed in personifying pink as a VERY strong color. I can't wait for the Little Lady Hulseman to join us!!

  3. Hello Laura, seems like your little girl's entry into the world is not far away!! Very exciting! To Pink or not to Pink, that is the question. But, your daughter will provide the answer one way or another!! Despite my attempts at trying to make my daughter a girly girl, she (and God) had other thougths even when she was little. No frills, no lace...yuck!! She was all tomboy from the moment she was born. Now I can't imagine her any other way and she is almost 18 years old. Paula from California