Friday, January 10, 2014

The Bumpy Road

A sweet friend of mine was pregnant with twins.  She posted weekly pictures of her baby bump in the same shirt, her perfectly poised three children lined up next to her as they held a sign of the current week and there was even a backdrop.  I thought it was such a cute idea... until I tried it.  Then I remembered I have two unpredictable toddlers, would not have enough brain power to remember to wear the same shirt each week, and how in the world do you make time to set up a backdrop?!  Plus we moved in the midst of this pregnancy, fudged a few weeks together and completely forgot other weeks. 

Regardless, we continued taking the pictures.  Now that I see them all together, I can't help but laugh and be thankful that we're so random and not Pinterest perfect.  From missing pants to tears to milk bottles to bedheads to dramatic faces, this is our little bumpy road to meeting Zadok.  Get ready to join the crazy kid.  Readers, you have left Pinterest, this is officially Realville.

Since this has been my most popular post, I figured I should probably finish it! Here is the end of the bumpy road.


  1. I seriously love Arella's expressions!

  2. what an awesome idea! you'll always be happy you did this!!

  3. This is beautiful, but I LOVED checking out the expressions on the faces of the girls through this process! So funny!

  4. Absolutely LOVE reading your blog posts. Thank you for giving your readers so much insight to you and Eriek's lives...Yall are truly an inspiration. Miss you guys! Hope all is well.