Monday, May 23, 2011

New Mommy Musings

Just some random thoughts from a brand new mommy.
  • For the first time in many months I can look down and see my feet, and boy do I need to take a chainsaw to my toenails!
  • I have only patted my stomach once referring to Arella then realized she's not in there any more.
  • My once little cute innie belly button looks more like a cavernous hideout for bad guys as my belly is shrinking back to normal size.
  • I have never had to pre-plan bathroom trips before.
  • A shower is now a rare treat instead of a daily necessity.
  • I used to plan my life in 4 year blocks of time between Olympiads; now I plan in 3 hour blocks around feedings.
  •  Sleeping in spurts leaves me feeling like I'm in a state of eternal jet lag, but no cool new destination. However the view of my baby is breathtaking!
  • I'm the kind of person that doesn't sit still very well, but my daughter has trained me to sit and stay for hours on end and just stare at her.
  • I always wanted an iPhone because I thought they were really cool and you could check email on them.  Now I have one and the only functions I use are an app to keep track of diaper changes & breastfeeding and texting pictures of Arella to her Daddy while he works.
  • I'm pretty smitten with this little girl of mine, and it breaks my heart when she cries and I can't figure out what's wrong.  Sometimes I just cry with her.
  • So far she's a very happy baby and her accidental smiles and silly faces absolutely melt me!
  • I never thought I would be so entertained by diaper changes.
  • I think my wrist surgeries really helped me prepare for parenthood.  I am very efficient at left handed typing and can do almost any domestic chore with my left arm only.  That right arm works very well as a cradle even though my wrist doesn't bend much any more.
  • I was worried about how the dogs would react to the baby.  Sam thinks she's a squeaky toy that smells good, and Charlie just wants to be near her most of the time.
  • It's amazing how an hour and a half round trip to the doctor's office can be a much needed and exciting outing, and then cause me to sleep most of the afternoon.
  • Even though my baby is on the smaller side, I keep looking at her and can't figure out how she was ever inside of me.
  • It's amazing how you can go from just another person to Mommy literally overnight.  
  • I have been waiting for this for so long, after nearly 2 weeks, I'm still amazed it has already happened.
  • I find it a bit funny that we're taking Arella for her 2 week check-up tomorrow, on her due date.
  • I knew Eriek was excited to have a baby, too, and he's so good with kids, but he's taken the Daddy thing to a whole new level.  He is the most amazing and supportive Daddy- I love you Honey!
  • I could keep writing these little tidbits all day, but I have to go stare at my sweet little angel while she sleeps.


  1. I love this! Especially the important usage of the iPhone. She is amazingly beautiful.