Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Pumpkin Patch

Visiting the pumpkin patch at The Old Christmas Tree Farm this year made us reminisce quite a bit.  This was Arella's third trip.  She's growing but yet she's the same silly little girl.




Like most things this year, the pumpkin patch was a first for Zoe.

It's hard to remember that sometimes because it feels like she's been in our family her whole life, not just 10 months.  Eriek also just happened to be wearing the team shirt we made for an orphan run we did in Zoe's honor long before we received her referral.  She was about 2 months old at the time of the run.  I love that he's wearing it while the little one we ran for is now on his shoulders.

I also had a precious conversation with her about a pumpkin she told me was sad.  I asked her what would make the pumpkin happy.  She said "Dada, Mama, ALL!"  Apparently just 10 months in, she knows that a family makes her happy.  And that just melts this mama's heart completely.

The girls loved the hayride and train ride, although we couldn't get them to smile for a picture.

But throwing hay and climbing on a hay turkey bring out the pearly whites!

Hopefully we wore them out enough so they'll get a solid night's sleep.  After a few weeks of sleepless teething nights, we're ready to get some shut eye before our next big adventure.

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