Tuesday, September 23, 2014

10 MomNinja Skills

When you become a parent, you magically acquire a set of skills, kind of like you just powered up on Super Mario Bros. You are suddenly able to do things you could never do before... or maybe just never thought or tried to attempt.

I've talked about our alter egos before in Mission: Impossible Baby. But with these alter egos comes a set of weird and fantastic skills that temporarily turns us into MomNinja and the occasional DadNinja.

In my short three years and three kids worth of parenting, I have so far acquired the following set of skills, some of which are temporary but, I believe, some may be a permanent new talent:

  1. Catching mosquitoes with two fingers.
  2. Hearing a crying child through brick walls from a block away.
  3. A look that stops a child in her tracks.
  4. Kisses that heal wounds.
  5. Ability to sense a fever by swiftly brushing my cheek against a forehead.
  6. Catching throw up with a single hand without looking.
  7.  Sensing a urine stream or poopsplosion about to strike before taking off a diaper.
  8. Ability to complete any task while almost fully asleep.
  9. Holding sleeping baby in awkward position for long periods of time with little to no fatigue.
  10. Immediate knowledge of where any lost toy or blanket can be found.

More experienced ninja parents, what have you acquired that I may look forward to in the future?


  1. Hi Laura! As a corollary to 6 and/or 7, I'd add "ability to distinguish by the sound of a child's cough whether they are just clearing their throat or are about to hurl all over the place." I have found this skill useful when driving, as it at least allows me to pull over before the hurling ensues. Also, I'd add "ability to conjure up a diaper, wipe, or tissue out of then air when most needed." Love from Chapel Hill!

  2. Beth that's hilarious and a couple of great Momninja skills! I wonder as our kids get older if we'll acquire additional skills or if they'll just morph for the season of life :)