Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Daddy's Pregnant?!

So last night was our first "Prepared Childbirth" class at the hospital.  One of the highlights was Eriek getting chosen to wear the "empathy" vest.  The instructor first put a thick strap around his chest after he let his air out so he couldn't breathe very well.  Then she had him place a weighted patch right above his belt so when he put the vest on it would put pressure on his bladder.  Then she put the vest on which contained a 5 lbs. weighted pendulum that moved plus two 7 lbs. lead balls that also moved around (like a baby does).  There was also quite a bit of fluid in the vest.

 I think it gave him a good idea for a few brief minutes of what it's like being pregnant.  He did after all perform the classic pregnant lady sit into a chair.  I was very impressed.

See, it's almost like the real thing...  but for about 5 minutes instead of 9 months, and no actual pushing the baby out.


  1. Now, if he could just try and sleep with that contraption on! Those last few weeks of trying to get sleep is so hard. I told Brad that I was going to wear Depends at night so that I wouldn't have to get up and go to the bathroom so many times. You are almost to your due date, my friend! Jia You!!!

  2. Ha! I'm so sad that Gabe never got to wear one of those! I guess it's not too late, huh?