Friday, April 8, 2011

New Favorite Toy

So my belly has become a funny little fascination in the past few months.  With Arella growing everyday in there, I have more and more to jiggle around and play with- and she plays with me sometimes!  Eriek just laughs when I dance around bouncing my baby belly all over the place, but it has been quite the source for entertainment.

Although I now have a tendency that around the house I'll hike my shirt up letting my belly hang all out because darn it, it's just more comfortable that way.

However, I've noticed that in doing so, I'm resembling old Chinese men...

Hmmm....  not so cool...


  1. So funny and so cute!

  2. Love it Laura - you look amazing!

  3. See, you are just practicing for when you come get Zoe! You will totally fit in.

  4. That's really funny and cute...

    When I was pregnant, it was during the summer... I liked to walk around with out my pants on (only inside the house, that is). =) It was much more comfortable that way.