Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Feeling Blue?

After our horrible drought here in Texas last year, we are totally soggy now.  While I didn't enjoy feeling stuck in the house for so long, it's good news for our state flower- the bluebonnet!  They have come out early and in force this year.

In Creekside (a village in The Woodlands, Texas), there is a big park with a playground, pavilion and wide open field.  At the end of the field where it slopes up into a small hill they have a huge pocket of bluebonnets.  I'm so happy they planted this little bluebonnet paradise because the only fields you find worthy of plopping your child in for a picture tend to be along the curb on a busy road or in the median of a highway.  Not exactly safe or good for pictures with cars whizzing by.

We took tons of pictures, so here's a photo bomb of my little bluebonnet...

After lots of clapping and fun pictures, Arella got scared of a bluebonnet and as you can see, our time was up!

We got some great pics of Arella with Mimi & Pops too!

And some great family pics... we had no idea she was making some funny faces- it was a great surprise when we looked at the pics last night!

Can't feel blue with this little bluebonnet around!

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