Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter Fun

Yeah I know I'm a week late, but I still wanted to post pics of my cutie patooties from Easter.  So let the photo bomb begin...

I had to lead with Nana.  If we are Facebook friends, you may have seen her holding and pointing a rifle next to her walker while wearing a camo vest and Christmas tree hat, or perhaps you saw her in action in the great walker race of 2012 against Arella.  Nana is 95, queen of the nursing home and quite the character.  My mom and I think she should have a reality tv series called "Rest Home Wars."  She broke out the sparkly bunny ears to earn points with Zoe and Arella.  It worked briefly.

After church and a nap we went to Mimi & Pops house to hang out with family.  Zoe was cleaning dishes in her play kitchen while Arella played dj for us with the sit-n-spin music.  

After the warm up play time they were ready for their very first egg hunt!  Arella wasn't walking at this time last year, so it was pretty cool they got to experience a "first" together.  They watched through the window as we hid the eggs outside.  Arella was eager to hunt the eggs, Zoe was very content to show me her pretty basket.

When we opened the door, it was like a gun went off in a race as they both darted outside in a blur of pink sandals and baskets.

Arella was so excited to get to the eggs but kept stopping, trying to open each one as she picked it up.

This gave Zoe a chance to catch up, and she caught on quick without any help!

I love how "hiding" at this age requires placement out in the open, guidance from the adults on the sidelines, and occasionally some refereeing and explaining that eggs in their sister's basket are off limits.

She kept counting, "One, two, one, two..." until all eggs were counted.  She got two.

See?  Two.

Zoe can only count to one so I guess Arella won the hunt.

I filled their little eggs with stickers and they used them to decorate crosses I cut out of construction paper.  Then they colored the crosses and turned them into little masterpieces.  All the while we got to talk about Jesus and the cross.  Arella loves to point out the crosses in our house now!

A little musical entertainment followed.

 And of course giving knuckles to Great Uncle Jim and a little putting action caps off an awesome Easter!

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