Sunday, March 10, 2013

Toddler Twilight Zone

Someone told me yesterday that we're actually in the month of March.  And all of my clocks have mysteriously jumped ahead an hour today.  There is even a rumor going around that it's 2013.  I'm currently fact checking this urban legend.

I have always been a planner.  I loved planning in four year blocks of time- the Olympic quadrennium.  I started with my ultimate goals at the end of that four year cycle, then I could break it down year by year, then finally back to the current year.  Everything was on my radar screen in it's proper place at the proper time.

These days we fly by the seat of our pants whether it's dashing across town in a moment's notice or running around the house with pants hanging off the ceiling fan.  It's much more exciting that's for sure!

I used to have major anxiety if I somehow manage to derail from my planner even for an hour.  I always knew what day it was, what the schedule for that day was and even what the weather would be like.  Today I don't even know what the next hour might bring, I'm still writing 2012 on paperwork, and I just keep jackets and an umbrella in the car just in case.

Slowly but surely my anxiety is slipping away, and I am fully embracing this spontaneous lifestyle that having two toddlers under two brings.  Here's a little glimpse of our day-to-day, minute-by-minute life.

Sometimes one is crying for Daddy who just left for work while the other is busy trying to man-handle the Cheerios...


Other times breakfast is full of happy banana-phone conversations with nary a tear or dropped "O" in sight.


Sometimes when I turn my back for a minute, I find some mischief.


Other times I turn around and see sharing actually being put into practice.


Sometimes everyone is upset, so you have to strap one to your back, put one on your hip and make dinner (and take a picture) with one hand.

But most of the time, happy, sad, silly or tired, the girls just want to experience this crazy life together.  And I'm sure happy to be along for the ride wherever it takes us.


  1. Couldn't help but laugh at that Cheerios pic! I should send you my gigantic costco size box to give you more to replace the ones that end up sprawled all over. Ha ha!

    When I was in the hospital a few months back, hardly able to keep anything down, I ended up trying Cheerios. Pretty sure it'd been several decades since I'd last had them since I don't have kids of my own yet to have cause to buy them, and I'm not really a cereal eater normally anyway. Anyway, the day I was getting discharged, a friend asked if she could go to the grocery store for me, knowing I was going to have to stay horizontal for a few weeks, making going to the store an impossibility. I gave her a list, including asking for a SMALL box of Cheerios, because the little single serving size one I had in the hospital stayed down and was surprisingly good. She said she was standing there looking at the Cheerios and decided to get the very biggest choice of boxes...just in case they continued to hit the spot. I just laughed when I saw it. It's like a lifetime supply of Cheerios for me! Hee, hee!

    But really, I loved this post! The photos at the end were just so precious - especially the one of them laying on the blanket looking (or sleeping and turned toward one another ?) right at one another, and the last one of them holding hands on the high chair tray. So, so precious!

  2. Good for you, girl!! They are so beautiful and sweet!! xoxoxo

  3. So true isn't it! I love the pics--especially the potty sharing one haha :)