Thursday, February 28, 2013

Through Her Eyes

Watching kids discover and learn is truly amazing.  One of my favorite things to watch is how they try to imitate life and pretend on their own. 

Almost every day I find some little arrangement or situation that Arella has created.  It's helped me get a tiny little glimpse of life through her eyes.

Any time Arella sees a diver or picture of a diver she says "Mama!"  Not gonna lie, I love that!  Here she is showing Zoe how camels dive from palm trees.

Making sure the angel gets enough milk so she can tell Mary & Joseph about Jesus.  Not to mention Arella is sharing her very own milk- she obviously recognizes the importance of this angel.

Cats and dogs need transportation, too.
Arella is happy to help taxi them around.

I had no idea how crucial the whale was to guiding the ark.

Apparently Noah kept in shape by exercising on a giraffe.

It's very important all the animals look out for each other.

Sometimes you just need to chill out on the bench and enjoy the scenery.

And the lion must make sure to hold onto the handles as the horse gives him a ride.

It's good to celebrate by dancing with friends.

Of course the dog has to be at dinner too, right next to the baby, since he eats all her gifts on the floor.

And sometimes the meal time mess is so big it requires an elephant for clean up.

Occasionally after dinner you have to hang out on the roof for some fresh air... with your elephant of course.

It is also very important to make sure the whole family gets a good night sleep.  And note the "moon" and "star" on the roof for night time.

And of course my favorite.  When I took Zoe to the medical center to get the tube in her ear, Arella insisted Daddy set up Zoe's highchair and bib for breakfast, too.