Sunday, February 17, 2013

Little Miss Modesty

Arella, now a whopping 21 months, has recently discovered how to take her clothes off.  When she takes her pants off, she becomes the giddiest child on the planet, pointing to her legs, laughing and just running around like a wild woman set free.  When she sees Mommy change pants, it brings the laughter to a whole new level, and she furiously giggles and points to my bare legs saying, "Uh-oh!"  She also thinks if she has no pants on, then Zoe should have no pants on.  Sisters need to do everything together!

The other day we were shopping at Target, currently our favorite girlie get-a-way and one-stop-shop.  As we walked down the main aisle, Arella spotted the lingerie section.  There was a large picture of a woman from the waist up with only a bra on.  Arella's hands shot up to her mouth with a big gasp, then she pointed  at the picture and shouted, "Uh-oh!" as loud as possible.  She kept looking at me and pointing back to the picture with this adorable look of concern.  This was no laughing matter.

It's amazing to me that she knew this wasn't a silly, funny moment at home with family.  This was a woman in public with no shirt on.  I love how, at not even 2 years old, she knows that's not right.  But now it has me wondering how in the world I'm going to explain swim suits to her...

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  1. That's so funny. I love the picture of Arella stripping Zoe.