Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Day

Watch out world, Mommy got brave and let the girls paint their Valentine's cards.  I happened across this easy craft where you take a toilet paper roll, flatten it, then bend in one side forming a heart.  You simply put tape around the tube and let your kids dip it in paint to make a heart stamp.

Arella was very focused and hard at work making beautiful cards.  Zoe was very confused and more concerned on why I had garbage bags over their clothes.  While Arella dipped and stamped away, Zoe tried but seemed to think the white stuff was some kind of dipping sauce and would be better to eat than paint with.

So we finally just started stamping Zoe's hand on the card.  Which meant Arella wanted to stamp her hand, so it all morphed into the beautiful art of finger painting.  These little cuties handmade some precious cards without too much help from Mommy!

Then their handsome prince Daddy brought his girls their first roses.  Attention future princes: the standard has been set.  Arella was fascinated and in awe of her rose, making sure everyone got to smell it at least 15 times, before she popped the top off the rose to play with and examine closer.

Zoe thought it was neat to see a flower up close and personal, not just in a picture.  She even made her sign for "flower."  She's still trying to figure out what it means to smell, though, other than to stick your nose in something.

My parents made our day extra special by playing with the girls to give us a much needed evening out!  My handsome prince took me to a lovely dinner, treated me like a princess, and brought me home feeling refreshed and recharged.  What a beautiful day...