Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Photo Album

After we were matched with Zoe but waiting to go get her, we sent a care package to her at the orphanage.  One of the things we sent was a baby photo album with pictures of all of us and written in Mandarin underneath them was "Mommy," "Daddy," "Sister" and "Forever Family."

The day we met Zoe, the orphanage director had brought all the things we had sent to Zoe, including the photo album.  She was terrified of us initially and holding onto that photo album seemed to console her a little bit.  She was holding on for dear life to something she knew, something from home, yet it was pictures of us.

You can read about that crazy awesome day here.

She's passed out in my arms still holding that photo album tight. The orphanage director is the woman next to me.

Today, nearly 16 months after being home with her forever family, she still likes to pull out her album.  But now she can tell me who everyone is in the pictures.  Love watching her grow up, my little Spicy Peanut.


  1. Oh, Laura. She is just precious! 😊

  2. Serving at your side! See you there!! May Christ be glorified in service this day!!