Thursday, May 1, 2014

"When Sparkly, Safe Faith Is No Longer Enough"

Back in November at a ladies' retreat, my friend, Danielle, introduced me to her friend, Kristen, as we all sat down for lunch on the last day. Kristen seemed friendly and was soft spoken. We all talked a bit about the weekend, then Danielle mentioned Kristen started Mercy House. My fork stopped halfway to my mouth. I'd heard about this Mercy House through the grapevine and at an adoption conference. I had looked it up on the internet and knew it was about helping single young moms in Kenya, but that's about all I knew. (It's actually a non-profit maternity home for homeless and impoverished women in Kenya.)

Being all head over heels for helping and serving orphans, I immediately asked the BIGGEST question possible. You know, the one that to answer fully would require MUCH more time than we had before the final session of the retreat began. But I just had to know, so out it came: "How did you start Mercy House?"

Her passion and desire to tell her story was greater than the clock. So she started talking fast and to the point from the beginning. By the time we got to the cheesecake, tears were falling all around the table.

We'd known each other all of 30 minutes, but I was already inspired, encouraged, and ready to embark on a crazy adventure. Seriously, my life was just impacted by her story, like God rammed me with a big rig to wake me from my stupor.

Following the retreat we kept in touch, and I've really enjoyed her blog, We Are THAT Family. So when Kristen announced she had written and was releasing a book, of course I jumped at the opportunity to snatch it up!

When I started reading Rhinestone Jesus, I thought I would just be getting the rest of the story, the details that maybe I missed in our hurried conversation back at the retreat. But as I kept reading, I was pulled into so. much. more.

As I poured through the pages, I felt like I was sitting with her at lunch again, hanging on every last word. Her heart oozes off the page, and I'm convicted, encouraged, inspired, and motivated. She shows us that a small "yes" from an ordinary person trusting an extraordinary God will, in fact, turn the world upside down.

She lays it all out there- infertility, broken marriage, the day she went to hell. It's raw and honest. It's you. It's me.

It's saying "yes" to God regardless of what He's asking- big or small. Kristen doesn't just tell us her story, she tells us how to live out His story. 

You will be challenged. You will be changed. You will desperately want to say "YES!" today, right now, even in the middle of the mess of life. 

Learn how to make your "yes" matter by ordering Rhinestone Jesus here. Even your very first little "yes" of ordering the book will be making a difference around the world, as part of the proceeds directly benefit The Mercy House.

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  1. Your words sum it up so beautifully, Laura!

    "Kristen doesn't just tell us her story, she tells us how to live out His story. You will be challenged. You will be changed. You will desperately want to say "YES!"...

    So, SO good. May we all say yes, right where we are!