Monday, October 6, 2014

Oh How We Love the Pumpkin Patch

Since Arella was an itty bitty baby, we've been going each year to the Pumpkin Patch at the Old Christmas Tree Farm not too far from our house. It's cheap and full of awesome.

Last year I posted pics from the first three years because it was fun to watch Arella's little face grow and change inside that pumpkin cut-out. But this year, with three kids three and under, well, we had mostly outtakes. Which are really the best kind of kid pictures anyways!

I did sneak a few sweet ones in there, but Arella was leading the charge in a silly mood so silly is what we have. This is the best picture of the three of them together I could get. Apparently sticking your head in a hole can capture attention for .2 seconds.

This is the same cutout that you can see Arella and Zoe in from last year.

We attempted a classic group picture of the kids in the pumpkins, but it was too bright. I love how they're being sweet to each other, though.

Snagged a couple of fun ones on the train.

Got lots of silly faces.

Discovered we have a flasher in the family.

Performed a plank on a pumpkin pile.

And scored a few sweet smiles at the end, too.

Oh how we love the Pumpkin Patch.

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