Friday, November 30, 2012

1 More Sleep til China

We're under the 24 hour mark until our amazing race to Zoe begins!  It's becoming a little more real as our bags are packed.

We will start with an evening car ride to the airport on which I will likely be leaking some clear fluid from my eyes.  Next there will be some shuffling of bags, lines, and waiting.  Then we will promptly pass out on our first of three flights which happens to leave around our bed time.  We will then wander around the LA airport like zombies in the middle of the night for a couple hours, wait in some more lines and hop on the long flight (about 13.5 hours) to Seoul, Korea.  Currently Eriek and I are not seated together for this flight.  I think tears will be easy to drum up at this point to help convince someone to switch seats.  Maybe I'll even break out the little onesie I made that I'm carrying on in case of lost luggage to throw them over the emotional cliff where they cannot refuse this mommy!

On that long journey, I'm sure we will be very productive, reading and discussing our itinerary to be fully prepared for our trip.  Then once the plane actually leaves the ground we will likely fall right back asleep.  I'm actually the worst airplane sleeper on the planet, meaning I just have a hard time staying asleep.  Arella apparently inherited this trait from me and proved it twice on our trek to and from London.  Hopefully I will be so exhausted I will have no choice but to get some shut eye.

We arrive in Seoul around 6am... on December 2nd.  Wait a minute, you're thinking... This isn't adding up.  Well, Eriek and I have gained super powers on all of our international rendezvous, and we can now officially time travel.  Except for about 30 minutes in LAX, we will miss December 1st altogether because we will cross the international dateline.  I know that's not nearly as exciting, but I guess I should try and keep our superhero status on the down low.  I mean, there are reasons superheroes wear masks.

Then we will spend a lovely 8 or so hours chillaxin in the Seoul airport.  I sure hope they have Starbucks there and wifi.  Then we hop on one more little 4 hour flight to Changsha.

I'm glad we get into Changsha in the evening because I won't have to keep my eyes open too terribly long before I can go to bed!  But I'm sure once we get there, I will have a burst of energy getting the room ready for Zoe because we get to meet her the very next morning at 10:30!  So for all of you stateside, that'll be about 8:30pm Texas time Sunday night. 

I think my brain is now beginning to process that we're leaving.  As super excited as I am to see my Zoe, I start crying when I think of leaving Arella.  So I bought these today to help me think about when both of my girls will be together wearing their Christmas tutus...


  1. perhaps you'll have to be carried around on my shoulder so you can sleep and I'll bribe you with Curious George.....

  2. I am giddy with excitement for you! I have butterflies, too! I think I will be on the edge of my seat (and on my knees) waiting for updates from you. Safe travels. Like I said before, Go Get Her Momma! :)

  3. Laura, this is so exciting!!! I'm sending you good thoughts and prayers from Chapel Hill, NC! Good luck in your travels, and I hope that everything goes smoothly.

  4. Not for sure how I ended up here(Twitter & dogs), but God never makes a mistake! Just read your blog countdown & just wanted to let you know you have prayers for a safe trip to & from,smooth baby transistion & a hedge of safety on your little one staying here...all this coming from Chardon, OH
    God Bless you now & your growing future family...
    Sincerely, Pam Lang

  5. Looking at that onsie actually made me tear up!