Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My 2 Girls

What can I say?  We're less than 48 hours from lift off, and it still doesn't quite feel real.  When you build up hope and excitement for something for so long, it's hard to fully comprehend the fact that it is one day finally here.

It makes me think about the build up to the Olympic Games.  It's once every 4 years and you put every ounce of your blood, sweat and tears into preparing for that one small moment.  Then the big day finally comes and all the preparation is over.  The time has come to see if it's been enough.  It can be a very surreal time.  Whether the performance ends up "good, bad or indifferent" (as my coach Kenny likes to say), it will still be over in a heartbeat.  Then you are just left with memories, and you have to start the journey all over again.

This time our "big moment" won't just be over in a heartbeat.  Sure the initial meeting will be intense and crazy and no amount of preparation can actually prepare you for that.  But once we meet her,  Zoe will then be with us for the rest of our lives.  How amazingly awesomer than the Olympics is that?!  (Yes I know that's not a real word but it was perfectly appropriate and you know it.)  This time, all the build up, hard work, emotional roller coaster, and preparation are for something that will last forever. A forever family.

I will soon have 2 precious little girls in my family.  I will have 2 daughters. They will each have a sister to walk through life with.  Friends, as cool and awesome as it is to win an Olympic gold medal and stand atop a podium as the world champion, it will never EVER be able to hold a candle to this experience.

Arella (18 months)       Zoe (12 months)


  1. "How amazingly awesomer than the Olympics is that?!" Like so way amazingly awesomer!!!! Praying for you four!!! xoxoxoxo!!

  2. Little Zoe will be a blessing and you will be her blessing and she does not even know it. Have a safe journey!!!
    Shelley Gross