Sunday, November 25, 2012

5 Stockings were Hung and the Countdown Begun

Five little days left until we leave for China.  I know in my head that this is real, that it is actually happening, and I am preparing for it, but today is the first day it really hit me.

As Hubby was making the usual Sunday morning pancakes before church this morning, he looked at me and said, "Today is our last Sunday as a family of three!"  Right there, smack between the eyeballs, it hit... hard.

Adoption has its similarities to pregnancy in the emotional roller coaster as I compared in my last post.  However, there is something quite noticeably different.  Like pregnancy, in our adoption we are given a couple of pictures that tell you just the tiniest bit about your child and some medical information that may or may not be accurate or complete.  Unlike pregnancy, you do not know if your baby is being taking care of, fed, loved, held, safe, warm, protected.  You have no idea if your baby is being neglected in a crib for 20 hours a day.  You have no idea if your child is eating or getting her diaper changed.  You have no idea if your child is hurting if anyone is there to pick her up, hold her, kiss her, comfort her. 

In adoption, all you can really think about is getting there as fast as humanly possible, praying that God might get you there even faster, before she winds up in the hospital all by her tiny little self with pneumonia for the third time in her short life.  Thankfully, our wait is almost over!

Today we hung up five stockings by the chimney with care, and celebrated that we have just five short days left before we travel half way around the world to meet our daughter. And she will be home to see those stockings before Christmas!  Thank you Lord!

I know we'll be a family of four, but the dogs have to have a stocking, too!


  1. This one really tugged at my heart tonight. Thinking of my child perhaps not getting the necessary and oh so basic touches and attention just to maintain life! What heart wrenching thought. I pray she is feeling peaceful and loved by her Father in heaven as she waits for her forever family to come swoop her up. I cant wait to watch this beautiful family come together. Praying for you and Zoe tonight.

  2. Thank you for the prayers Katherine- they are greatly appreciated as we have seen God move in so many awesome ways through this process and I know He's not even close to done yet :)

    Thanks Nancilea!

  3. Laura, this one touched me greatly as my two boys have been in NICU for 18 weeks with many other healing hands. God bless your journey and safe travels.