Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Zoe's First Birthday

My little Zoe, you just had your first birthday!  Do you feel like a big girl now?  Did anyone whisper "Happy birthday" in your ear or hold you a little bit longer on your big day?  Did you feel special, even for just a moment?

I'm not sure if anyone even knew it was your birthday Monday in the orphanage, but your family knew.  We did not forget.  Even though we couldn't be there to hold you and kiss you and sing to you, we still celebrated because we love you and your first birthday is very important to us.  As a matter of fact, it's so important, the celebration has lasted a few days!  It's gone a little something like this...

We talked about you.  We prayed for you.  Mimi sent a text message wishing you a happy birthday.  Grandma posted a Minnie Mouse picture wishing you a happy birthday. Mommy and Daddy wished you a happy birthday on social media and hundreds of people responded, wishing you a special, happy day, too!  And your big sister kissed your picture... several times.

We finished your butterflies that hold the letters of your name above where you will soon sleep. 

We also got you a special little friend to snuggle with...

Our whole House Church celebrated your birthday, too, by making a Chinese-themed dinner in your honor.  We made a special cake for you and had your picture by it so everyone could see you and say happy birthday.  We talked about you all night long.

God even said a special happy birthday to you by giving us the dates that we'll be coming to get you- and it's not long now, just a few short weeks!  On December 3, 2012, we will hold you in our arms and begin to tell you and show you just how much we love you.  Happy birthday my precious daughter, you will be home with your forever family for Christmas!


  1. Hope you had a blessed birthday Zone!

  2. Happy birthday!! What a sweet post and I'm sure she will enjoy all the belated birthday kisses she will soon receive.

  3. Thanks Leanna!

    And Patty there is no doubt we will be making up for lost kisses!