Thursday, December 13, 2012

One Less

163 million children around the world are orphans.  Today there is one less.  Welcome to the family Zoe Xiu! 

As of today she is legally a member of our family.  When she touches US soil on Saturday, she will be an American citizen.  And she already likes waving the stars and stripes!

We weren't allowed to take many pictures at the Consulate building, so I had to snag some back at the hotel because she just looked so darn cute in her special dress.

Unfortunately last night our spicy Peanut starting getting a bit of a chest cold so she didn't sleep well.  After a fussy morning post-consulate appointment, she had a lot of trouble taking a nap.  I finally got her to fall asleep on me, and after about 30 minutes she had a night terror.  A scary one.  She's only had a couple, and they are terrifying.  Her eyes are open like she's awake and she reaches for me but then freaks out, kicks, shakes her fist, flings her head wildly and wails.  We made the rookie mistake of trying to console her, but I guess it just confuses them more because they are still asleep and it can make it last longer.  It's weird, and scary.  I shed plenty of my own tears as I had to just sit and watch the poor thing go through it.

Breaks. My. Heart.

She woke up after about a 30 minute episode that felt like 3 hours.  She was happy to see us and seemed to feel well rested.  So bizarre.  I really hope these subside soon.

Since Zoe seemed to feel better, we thought we should celebrate her Americanness (come on, you know I make up words only when totally appropriate).  So we walked next door to hang out with none other than Ronald McDonald.  Zoe just stared.  She's probably wondering if she'll have to dress like that in America.  Hope that's not a deal breaker for her.

We then read an American classic- Nighty Night by Sesame Street.  She's loving Big Bird, and she even kissed Bert.  Not sure how I feel about that last one.

She was feeling good this afternoon, but as bed time approached, so did the runny nose and cough.  We're a little worried because sometimes her cough sound like she's choking.  She's been hospitalized for pneumonia twice already, so I'm praying God keeps this from escalating so we can get her home safe and get her to the doctor soon.  Getting her to fall asleep tonight was challenging.  It may be a long night again, but even if she sleeps, I have a feeling I'll be sleeping with one ear constantly listening to her cough to make sure she's alright.  Please join us in praying for endurance and rest for all of us.

We're almost there.  Tomorrow we'll be packing and getting ready to come home Saturday to see this sweet little face that I've missed so VERY much!

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