Sunday, December 2, 2012

She's So Close

So after 30+ hours of traveling, we are finally here.  We're in the city of Changsha, China in the Hunan province.  And to our great surprise, Zoe is in Changsha, too!  Our guide told us she spoke with the orphanage director this afternoon when they arrived.  So Zoe had her first big adventure today because it was an eight hour car ride from her orphanage on small, bumpy roads.  I'm sure tomorrow is going to feel like a pretty bumpy and scary ride for her again when we meet her.

We went over paperwork briefly with our guide tonight, and we have a game plan for tomorrow.  We're meeting in the lobby at 9:30am to head over to the Civil Affairs office which is just 15 minutes away.  That's where our lives will forever change.  She said we would be there no more than an hour.  Then we'll run to the store to get some formula and have the whole day just to spend with her!

I'm so excited, nervous, giggly, anxious, joyful, worried...  it all feels so surreal.  I know I've said it before, but after waiting so long, it's hard to wrap my brain around the fact that this is indeed actually happening!  Of course I think after Arella was born, all Eriek and I said for two days was, "I can't believe she's really here!"  I think that chorus might make an encore tomorrow.

As we pass out fall asleep in our bed tonight I know my brain will be racing.  Fortunately we are so exhausted from the trip I think we'll sleep just fine and wake up refreshed and ready to go meet our daughter!  Sweet baby dreams tonight....

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